About Mudita

Mudita literally means someone who gives Joy and Happiness.

As the Creative Director and Co-Owner of The Carpet Cellar, a multi-million dollar company and India’s oldest and largest purveyor of finely crafted antique and contemporary carpets; she shares her passion of infusing life with beauty and joy. For over 15 years she has helped a wide range of clients from Bollywood and Hollywood notables to Heads of State and Dignitaries navigate the fine art of outfitting their floors and creating their dream home and work spaces.

In 2012, Mudita co-founded the Women of India Summit with her sister, Divya Chandra. The Women of India Summit empowers women by helping them to know their rights and find their voice.  She has also produced numerous plays and workshops for BooGio11 Productions.

In 2013 Mudita joined the Dark and Lovely beauty campaign, first seen in Motherland MagazineThis campaign focused on showing the beauty in all skin colors and encouraged self-confidence for women.

In 2007, Mudita took the helm of the Sai Ashram for Dogs, which cares for over 300 stray dogs plus a pig and a donkey. She has since left the Ashram in capable hands, but her work with animals sees her providing care in the streets as well as providing food and comfort. Mudita has spoken about animal welfare at corporations, such as Absolute Data and Google.  The 2014 South African documentary, Sadhana the Inward Path, by African Lotus productions, focused on Mudita’s animal welfare work.   Her latest business is The Pure Experience, which helps to make the gift-giving process simple while paying attention to beauty, luxury, and the joy of gifting the perfectly thoughtful gift.

Mudita has a Psychology Degree from Gargi College and has led talks and workshops for students on navigating life circumstances and events. She has also participated in panels including How to Turn Your Passion into a Business at the Women of India summit. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Tribune, the Times of India, Ideal Home and Garden, and Tehelka and been seen on NDTV Goodtimes, Lok sabha TV, Metronation and in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor.

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Mudita Chandra interviewed for 94.3 Radio One with DJ Chris for Women Of India Summit