Mudita, Speaker and Leader.

Speaking Topics


Building from the Heart

How to turn your passion into a sustainable business.


Be the Change

How do you create long lasting change in society? Be it around climate change, animal welfare or creating safety and empowerment for women.


Living Your Lakshmi

Women and their relationship to money, position in business and the relationship between self esteem, boundaries and money.

Mudita can teach you a lot about how we worship the Goddess of wealth but are so deeply disconnected from our own relationship with our creativity and power.


Lessons from Activism

From rescuing & rehabilitating injured and abandoned dogs to working women’s empowerment Mudita has over 20 years of on the ground learnings to share to a similarly impassioned individual or team wanting to make a difference.


Lessons from Nature

Creating designs, products, luxury,events and spaces from a deep engagement with nature and the downside of creating unconsciously.


Lessons from Patriarchy

How women give up power and how you can create more autonomy and thrive in a patriarchal workplace and society.


Anatomy of Abuse

The anatomy of abusive relationships and how women get entangled in them, Mudita with her degree in psychology and years of experiencing counselling women can show you the warning signs.


Recycling Practices

Daily recycling practices in companies and at home to help the environment.Simple small regular steps that companies, big or small can take as part of their CSR activities to make long lasting change and create more awareness.


Consent Culture

Mudita has been asked to help draft policy for private firms on gender dynamics and what is considered appropriate behaviour towards women in work spaces. Outlining the nature of consent, boundaries and ethical and sensitive, respectful communication is some of what she offers her expertise on.