The Pure Experience

Gifts and Experience

The most memorable gifts are those that make us feel special. They are powerful means to express ourselves to those we hold near with our love, our gratitude, our pride and joy, our regard and trust. They are not just things, songs, trips or parties – they hold memory, emotion and a bit of us.

The Pure Experience stems from the heart, customising signature gifts to become your unique, personal expression for those to whom you care to give.

“Let me introduce you to one of the most purely beautiful humans I know: Mudita Chandra! I’m so excited that she is putting her natural nurturing quality, her desire for people to have quality and meaningful experiences and her incredible attention to detail & intuitive sense into creating another business called The Pure Experience. Through her business she will curate for you a beautiful and heartfelt gift for the one you love — be it an object or an experience!”

“Heading to Delhi? She’ll take you on a private shopping trip because she knows where to get what and when. When I was there, I wanted to have jackets made and she not only took me to the most incredible fabric shop but she also hooked me up with an amazing tailor who took the jacket I had, made a few tweaks to it and created three beautiful jackets for me. She also knew which food carts to eat at and which ones to avoid. So from the big to the little — she’s incredible.”

“Like The Pure Experience and reach out to Mudita because she is pure magic!”