The Women of India Summit

Conference to Empower Women & Men

The Women of India Summit was founded by Mudita and Divya Chandra is India’s first and only annual conference to empower women & men by encouraging a holistic approach towards a fulfilling work & family life. It is also the only event that focuses on bridging the ever widening chasm between the old patriarchal system that keeps gender inequality thriving, by including specially crafted  sessions for men and women to work together.

The fastest way to mobilize the women of the world, is by encouraging women’s leadership in all aspects of a woman’s life. India is one of the largest Democracies in the world, but having the access and the rights mean nothing if we don’t use them to transform our own lives in a truly meaningful and dynamic manner so that we can, in turn, transform our communities. When we fail to harness the autonomy and privileges those rights afford us; we in fact, disempower ourselves and forgo the opportunity to live a truly conscious and integrated role in society.

The Women of India Leadership Summit is a powerful, fun, inspiring event that aims to help urban women in the National Capital Region to empower themselves by understanding their rights and providing them with an experiential tool kit to better manage their potential and resources.