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Meet the face of Modern Feminine leadership – Mudita Chandra

Leading from a powerful and conscientious way, live from your authenticity and create your own opportunities and path.

Mudita Chandra is an Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Expert and Influencer, Humanitarian, and Animal Activist.

As the Creative Director and Co-Owner of The Carpet Cellar, she shares her passion of infusing life with beauty and joy. For over 15 years she has helped a wide range of clients from Bollywood and Hollywood notables to Heads of State and Dignitaries navigate the fine art of outfitting their floors.

Her latest business is The Pure Experience, which helps to make the gift-giving process simple while paying attention to beauty, luxury, and the joy of gifting the perfectly thoughtful gift.

In 2012, Mudita co-founded the Women of India Summit with her sister, Divya Chandra. The Women of India Summit empowers women by helping them to know their rights and find their voice.  She has also produced numerous plays, workshops and events for BooGio 11 Productions.

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The Carpet Cellar

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